1964 Guldstrand Tiger

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Art Firmes at Riverside in 1968.  Photo: John Wilson.

The Guldstrand Tiger has been a race car since new. Raced from 1964 through 1983, this Tiger had an exceptionally long racing career. During those two decades, seven drivers raced the Tiger. Shortly after the Tiger was retired from racing, it was put out to pasture. For the ensuing twenty-two years, the Tiger sat on a trailer, under a tree, in a back yard, in Sunnyvale, California.

In 2006, the current owner purchased the Tiger. The new owner compiled the history of the Guldstrand Tiger by speaking with the previous owners and by reviewing literature from the period. In addition, Dick Guldstrand has been generous with his time. Dick met with the owner in person on two occasions to recount the history of the car.

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