1970 Laurel Camaro

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HMSA event, Thunderhill Raceway, May 2000.

The story of the Laurel Racing 1970 Camaro begins in 1968. In 1968 and 1969, Laurel Racing successfully campaigned a 1968 Camaro in Trans Am, A Sedan, and endurance races. As a result of this success, in 1970, Chevrolet Product Performance was willing to support Laurel Racing’s race effort in Chevrolet’s new “second generation” Camaro body style.

The finished car was painted white with red lettering and matching red wheels. The interior was light gray. Usually, the car raced with the number 11, also in red. By May of 1971, the new Camaro was well sorted. See complete History (2.7mb PDF).



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