1989 Chevrolet Camaro 1LE

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Thunderhill Raceway Park, April 23, 2005.  Photo: Chuck Koehler

In 1989, Chevrolet offered a high performance option for Camaro’s intended for street use. This option, the IROC-Z, included an upgraded engine, engine oil cooler, 5 speed transmission, four wheel disc brakes, limited slip differential, and 16 inch diameter wheels. This race car came with the IROC-Z package (Note: the Z/28 name was dropped after 1988, and was referred to as simply the Z in 1989.). This Camaro is also equipped with the 1LE options: Aluminum drive shaft, PBR front calipers and associated spindles, and 16 inch alloy wheels.

After the engine and transmission were replaced, in early 2002, the Camaro has not missed a lap. The car has finished 16 consecutive events, as well as numerous test sessions, without mechanical problems. During that period, the Camaro won the SCCA A/S Championship in 2002, and again in 2005.

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