1966 Sunbeam Tiger

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Color Code: 86 British Racing Green
TAC #: 0209
Car Number: 3
Engine: 289 c.i.d. small block Ford.  LAT 1 type dual plane intake manifold.  Engine built to HMSA specs with flat tappet cam and stock rockers.
Radiator: Reproduction of LAT 30 radiator.
LAT 80 type flexible fan.
Oil Cooler: Setrab, period correct.
Clutch: Stock Girling clutch master & slave cylinder actuating stock clutch fork.
Transmission: 4 speed close ratio Ford Toploader.  Hurst shifter.
Differential: Dana 44.  3.54:1.00 R&P (LAT 53).  Clutch type Posi (LAT 50).
Steering: Tiger Rack and Pinion.
Front suspension: LAT 71 600 lb/inch coil springs. 7/8” stock sway bar (LAT 82).
Rear suspension: Stock leaf springs with custom bushings.  Koni shocks.
Brakes: Stock front calipers.  Rear discs.
Fuel cell: Fuel cell by Fuel Safe. Aluminum case with internal bladder and foam. Mounted in period correct manner on trunk floor.
Electrical: Master cut-off switch installed and marked with decal.
Seats: Driver and passenger seats are reproductions of Shelby “R Model” race seat.
Restraints: Simpson.
Fire Extinguisher: Halon by Fire Bottle.
Gauges: Stewart Warner and Jaeger all period correct white on black installed into walnut Tiger dashboard.
Wheels: 13” x 7” as homologated for the Tiger with the SCCA. 8 spoke “Minilite” type wheels.
Windscreen: Lexan.
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