1975 DeKon Monza

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Sandown, Australia, July 4, 1976.

DeKon Monza Chassis 1005 was finished in June 1975. However, the story of DeKon 1005 begins a decade before the car was built. The story of this, and all the DeKon Monza’s, is the story of the intertwined lives of Allan Moffat, Lee Dykstra, and Horst Kwech.

DeKon Engineering was formed in July 1974. The name DeKon is a concatenation of the D in Dykstra and the K in Kwech. It is also short for Design and Construction. DeKon was located in Libertyville, Illinois. In three years, DeKon produced seventeen race cars. Of these, fourteen were Monzas.

The fifth DeKon, chassis 1005, was the factory race car. See complete History (4.1mb PDF).



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