1970 Laurel Camaro

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Chassis: Original chassis.  Roll cage confirmed by original owner.
ID: Brass tag = 72AS38
Car Number: 11
Engine: 302 c.i.d. small block Chevrolet.  Four bolt main caps.  Period Chevy heads.  Built by Tony Oddo.
Transmission: 4 speed fully synchromesh.  Richmond T-10.  Built by Tex Racing.
Differential: 9” Ford.
Steering: Chevrolet Corvette medium ratio.  Blueprinted by Corvette Steering.
Front suspension: Chevrolet Impala spindles and hubs.  Custom sway bar.
Rear suspension: HD leaf springs with panhard bar.
Brakes: Chevrolet JL-8 option disc brakes front and rear.
Fuel tank: Holman Moody fuel cell with bladder and foam by Fuel Safe.
Gauges: Stewart Warner.  Mechanical tach by Jones.
Wheels: 15” x 8” Eight-spoke Minilite style.

Goodyear bias ply “Blue Streak” Sports Car Special. 


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