1971 AMC Javelin

Chain of Ownership



Homologation Papers

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Roberto Arnstein Rada
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Ruben Novoa
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Michel Jourdain Declercq driving Javelin #1 in Mexico in 1973.  Photo: Carlos Eduardo Jalife Villalon

The story of this AMC Javelin begins at the end of the 1969 Trans Am season. Mark Donohue had just won the 1969 T/A Championship in Roger Penske’s Sunoco Camaro. Following a victory at the T/A race at Riverside Raceway, in southern California, Roger Penske and Mark Donohue met with representatives of American Motors Corporation (AMC).

The #1 Javelin is now in California and participates in events with the other two Penske Javelins in the Historic Trans Am group. See complete History (2mb PDF).



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